The Amager Museum

About the museum

The Museum relates the history of the Dutch immigrants who came to the island of Amager in the 16th century, and who cultivated fresh vegetables for the inhabitants of Copenhagen. It is a tale of strong traditions that subsequent generations have cherished and upheld, yet it is also a tale of change and development. With its fascinating local cultural history, Amager has an identity of its very own.

The museum consists of two, four-aisled farms which exhibits the islands special cultual heritage. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the café or take a stroll through our historic garden. Experience authentic interior decor, romantic paintings of the daily lives of the Amager people, as well as the museums large collection of old Amager costumes.

Opening hours

May 4th - July 2nd.: wednesday-sunday from 12pm - 4pm

July 4th - August 13th: tuesday-sunday from 12pm - 4pm

August 16th - September 30th: wednesday-sunday from 12pm - 4pm

Autumn Holidays: October 16th - 22nd: monday-sunday from 12pm - 4pm

Christmasmarket: November 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th: 12pm - 4pm

Christmas: November 18th - December 17th: wednesday-sunday 12pm - 4 pm



Adult: 65 DKK

During July and the Autumn Holidays: 80 DKK

Children under 18: Free 

The Amager Museum - A Living Past

Read our booklet about the history of Amager and the museum written by the director of Museum Amager, Søren Mentz:

The Amager Museum - A Living Past